casting teen porn

Casually: the guys ugly as fuck, really ruins the scene and probably depresses the girls.

Osc92: Why this nigga moaning louder than the female? This shit was weak.

Gilstevens: Where did they find that nerd FUCKTARD? He ain't worth a shit

Massiveisolation: I hate that guy, he has so much money he can fuck any girl, and he always does it wrong.. she looks bored as FUCK!

Its300: geez she suxs fr what a bich that first girl an i would stink that toosie pop up her ass n kick her out naked

Winston187: Many comment on how ugly the guy is or small. It fits a type of requested porn. Basically if she would have sex with that guy you can pretend you are having sex because you are a better catch

Nilou Achtland: Nice girls ! Good stuff !!!

Djgoku666: jajajajajaja his penis is so small double the mine XD

Gdiddy: Names?

Motherfacker: Lmao

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